jo is killing uiiverse!
hey fuckers, miiverse is dead. clones are dead.
edit: BASED!

b- but i wanna use a miiverse clone!!

If you want a good social media in 2020, use mastodon, plemora, misskey, or any other fediverse social media. Fediverse is real cool! people can host their own servers and clients and they all connect together. if you want you can block instances with nazis, block people that arent nazis, or block every other instance so you can have ur own cute lil echochamber.

Melt's public misskey instance.

if you dont like melt's misskey instance, go sign up for any other mastodon, plemora or misskey instance (google it or smth)

If you unironically want to use closedverse in 2020, don't. It's dead, ok? if you care that much, make a fucking discord server, nobody actually uses the clones when theres a discord server (see: literally all of uiiverse's life) because who the fuck wants to use an outdated, shitty social media with a tiny ass userbase (closedverse's userbase isnt coming back, sorry!)

actually like the community? First, ew. Second, just make a discord server, or two, or three, or make a shared mastodon instance or smth. i dont care.

want something that kinda looks like miiverse just for nostalgia? bug me enough and ill make a stylesheet for mastodon that gives it a closedverse skin. (still gonna have to host it urself tho im not paying for that shit)
anyway if you want the details of why smf9 is a creep, here u go

the part of the page where i include a link to a bunch of screenshots explaining why smf9 is a creep

please, no harrassing him. this is only staying up, because we both mutually agreed to keep it up.