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Nintendo Switch Discussion

Gabriel RivasGab

03/20/2020 6:52 PM·Spoilers

i want miiverse back to the switch :(



  • I really wonder why nintendo stopped miiverse... But hey we got this for now.

  • no

    03/21/2020 4:30 AM ·Spoilers

    Miiverse would be ratherchaotic on the switch, in the final days, yet even hours of Miiverse, there was a lot of nasty thing, drawings in the YouTube community for example, so I reckon it would not be the greatest idea for it being on switch, although it would be nice to have the old Miiverse back.

  • Maybe this will somehow be ported to the Switch and then we can have this friendly community on the Switch!

  • Well miiverse shutdown cuz Nintendo thought they cared about Twitter,Facebo—oh Facebook is a boomers place ,and instagram


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